Katie + Caleb - Purple Iris, West Virginia

I have been loving a little break after the craziness of the fall, and its allowed me to relive some moments of weddings that happened last year!  

Katie + Caleb were such a special couple - that just radiated thoughtfulness and compassion through their wedding day - perhaps because they are both two extremely compassionate medical professionals.  Here's hoping that by the time I need them someday they are in the Norther Virginia area!  (Right now they are traveling around the country!)

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Documentary Mini-Sessions are here!  

Last month in my newsletter I talked about short documentary mini-sessions -- something new I am offering this year!  (Did you not hear about them?  Then sign up on the sidebar over there!)   

What are documentary mini-sessions?  These are shortened documentary session and last up to 45 minutes.  We spend time capturing an activity anything from breakfast routine, bedtime snuggles or something in between.  The only rule - there must be some kind of activity or routine (and if you don't know what to do, I can help!)

Will we be doing posed photos?  Not at all.  Mini-documentary sessions capture you all together just doing your thang!

Why should we do this kind of session? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try one, but  are not ready for the full 2+ hour commitment. Maybe you want to have photos of your family doing what you love.   Or maybe you love documentary photography, but a full session isn’t in your budget.  


When are they?  These mini-documentary sessions are offered on set dates, with specific time slots.  The first set will be April 2-6.  View time slots here.  They can be held wherever you would like -- your home is a great spot but anything is an option (as long as it is 25 miles from Alexandria, VA).

How do you make this fun? Each  mini-documentary sessions have a theme - this one is Mom’s + Kids!  Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I’ll be photographing Mom’s and their kids - capturing what they love to do with their kiddos.  (And Dad’s this would be a great early Mother’s Day gift!)  Fur babies count too!

What’s included? Everything!  My time, talent and the editing of 15-20 images of your session.  It also includes the high-resolution digital files, delivered in time for Mother’s Day!  As always, prints and albums are also options!

What does it cost? Weekend and Evening Sessions are $495 - Weekday Sessions are $395.  These prices are subject to VA tax, and include everything listed above.  

What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite spot here and I’ll contact you shortly after to confirm your session time and send you the remaining details!



Ready for Summertime?

As I start working to update my portfolio and think about sharing some previous sessions (seriously when does that ever happen anymore??!??) I came across this session, that just makes me so happy, that it is the perfect pick-me up on a becoming colder by the minute, Saturday afternoon.  

I love this family, not only for who they are, what they do and how they work together even in the most difficult of times; but how their mama is my sister. I could go on and on about her, but the 1 minute speel goes like this -- while we are not technically blood sisters , we were both only children, being raised by single mom's (with no regular visits to our dad's  because they lived far away) so what started out as friends turned into the sister I dreamed of.  We might look super different on the outside, but inside, sometimes I think we breathe the exact same thoughts and dreams.  

On our family beach trip last summer, we decided to try some photos at the beach and while I promised a few portraits, the rest were pretty much kids running wild and free.  (And there is a lot of wild and free in their littlest one...)  You might see I sneaked what was going to be a portrait turn into something funny.  Those are my *favorite* kind of portraits - the photos that come *in between* anything resembling a smile at the camera photo.  

Ready for a different kind of family photography session?  Ones where we don't worry about perfect smiles, perfect clothes and everyone looking at the camera?  Let's chat about what you love about your family and how I can help you preserve those moments through photography.  And if you want to stop at an ice cream store during our photo session - I won't tell.  :)