baby #3


people often say that starting a business is like having a baby.  really?   are you staying up all night?  do you try everything and nothing seems to work?  do you feel intense moments of euphoric bliss that you can't begin to explain to anyone?

yes, yes and yes.  i finally get it - starting a business (even a small one like mine!) is challenging, tiring, but oh so rewarding.  since february i have been building up my portfolio to share images on this new website - my first "store front".  i've been scared - wondering if she would be okay, if she would be a cute as i can imagine in my mind, and oh yeah, wondering if i'll know what to do when she arrives.    (although luckily, she didn't take nine months to grow!)

so here we go, the birth date of my baby #3, kelly walsh loss photography.  thank you for celebrating with me today and sending her some love (and likes!)    i can't wait for her to take on the world.  :)

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