erin + erin = the beginning of happily every after

i met erin a few years ago - we worked together as part of my day job.  her enthusiasm, passion and excitement for life had me at hello.   after hearing of her engagement (and engagement story!) i couldn't imagine anything more fun than taking photos of this couple to celebrate their engagement - so happy when she asked me to be part of this special time for the two of them. 2013-11-13_00482013-11-13_0049

let me start by saying, these two -wow, they are so meant for each other.  i just love seeing the spark between them.  maybe its because they have the same name (how cool is that!)  which was a bit of a twist during a photo session for me - i had to be specific - "boy erin - can you look back at me..."


or maybe that spark comes from such an amazing couple the two are together - and "boy" erin - he is so sweet to "girl" erin - the way he looks at her?  oh my gosh, melt my heart.


the two of them are getting married in October 2014 in my home state (Pennsylvania!)  and their wedding is going to be amazing - i think it might have something to do with how creative these two are - they even have their own etsy shop!




i think the most exciting thing about this photo session was how i didn't have to chase them around like my typical clients.  and there wasn't much bribing involved - they were happy to try anything i suggested.  i kept thinking to myself, i could really get used to photographing couples.


erin + erin - i'm so happy for your happily ever after, because i can just tell, you two are going to take on the world together.