Love Note: thankful for YOU



There is this church that sits right outside my neighborhood - I think it prides itself on coming up with thought provoking sayings, and this week it read something like "thanks-giving is good, but thanks-living is better."

I have so many thankful "livings" from this year, and many of them include you - my readers, my clients and those that have supported me through this year of change and growth.

Since I was five years old, I dreamed of owning my own business.  I have had more ideas for businesses then there are lemons in pitcher full of lemonade.  (Some of those dreams might or might not have included a bakery/restaurant/nightclub called Kinky Reggae..OY.).  But early in the beginning of the year, there were a few key people, pushing me forward to follow my passion - even if it seemed super scary.

I never imagined when I put out that first email for portfolio building sessions that I would be sitting here ten months later, having had the opportunity to photograph 62 lovely couples, families and babies.  And in case you are wondering, that amounts to something like 3,762 edited photos and some absurd number of clicks on my camera.

They say the first few years of business are difficult - but I can honestly say, that my photography business has saved me.  There's nothing like chasing toddlers or soothing babies to allow your mind to wander and heart expand.  My family has faced some difficult times and new challenges this year - but when I get behind the camera or sit in front of the computer screen to edit, it all begins to melt away and its just a girl and her camera (or photoshop).

Because I am thankful for YOU and all the living you brought to my family this year, I am giving away a 30 minute photo session to be used any time in 2014 and within 25 miles of Alexandria, VA! (You can also gift this to someone!) All you need to do is leave a comment below to enter to win!  Leave an extra comment (for an extra entry!) if you share on facebook, like my page or follow me on Instagram.   Not local to DC metro?  That's okay - if you win, I'll send you a goody bag full of my favorite items and a favorite book or two!  Enter by December 12 -winner chosen on lucky Friday, December 13!

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