being a big brother is even better then being a super hero

whenever i am asked to photograph little girls, i get so excited - i mean, the clothes, the cute pigtails and the shoes! gasp, what mama of two boys wouldn't love a chance to indulge in some girliness? but here's the thing - when i get to photograph brothers, there is something that makes my heart melt. maybe its because its a connection i am still understanding and exploring myself, but in this case - these two boys were just so special together.  you can tell their mama is their light and sunshine and dad is the best playmate.



and while a special little man was just about to turn three, the reason i got to spend time with this family is to capture early photos of little brother.  just two weeks knew and one sweet little man.







oh and their mama - she had me at hello - i mean she loves tea just as much as me!  these boys are so lucky - i can tell she loves them to the moon and back.



2013-12-18_0007i had such a great time with this family - i can not wait to see them again in 2014!  :)