letters to our children - january

i'm excited to be part of a blog circle with other talented photo ladies.  each month  we will write letters to our children and share them on our blog.   motherhood moves all to fast and i'm hoping to slow it down a bit - in hopes that one day i will remember the sweetness sprinkled between the daily routine.   if you'd like to do the same, be sure to add your link in the comments - i'd love to read your letter!

dearest gavin and liam,

you know how school days seem to move so slow, yet the weekend goes incredibly fast?  that's kind of what being a mom is like.  there are some truly amazing moments in motherhood - like snuggling with the two of you, reading books and going on fun adventures.  there are some other equally important moments,  but time moves a bit slower - such as folding laundry, reminding you for the tenth time to get ready or clean up your toys.




these letters are my hope to savor the sweetness of your childhood and remind you of these special times when you are older.  i also hope that if you become a parent someday, you can look back on these letters as a blueprint from where you began and the moments that shaped your life in our family.



the start of the year is so exciting and this year we talked about new year's resolutions.  liam, i'm not sure you understood or cared to participate - since you emphatically said to me, "i don't need one".  can't say i was surprised,  as you usually beat to the sound of your own drum.


so when gavin told me his resolution is to listen better, i thought i might have just hit the parenthood jackpot.  i'm so proud that you've tried to follow through on this promise.  you might need a few reminders, but then who doesn't with resolutions?


we've had a lot of snow days this month, making logistics challenging.  dad and i work from home so trying to balance all the fun we want to have with you two  while getting our jobs done can be challenging.  we try to find creative solutions and the two of you are getting better at playing together without needing mom or dad to be your MC.


maybe part of the reason you are happy playing on your own is because  we have an actor in residence.  liam, your sweet personality becomes more interesting everyday.  you find it funny to pretend play - pretending to be frozen, sleeping or showing us your happy or mean monster.  you've even come up with your stage name, preferring to be referred to as mj (our dog's name) instead of your given name.  i'm pretty excited to move to hollywood one day when you've made it to the big screen.

on a serious note, i've been struggling with spirituality lately - i've been seeking out many ways to find a path that feels like my own and one to share with the two of you.  since grandma gus passed away, i think often about the afterlife - wondering where she is and hoping to find peace with her ever after.  one day we were riding in the car to school and out of the blue - gavin, you started talking about heaven.  we talked about how big it must be, just like space.  you mentioned to me that heaven could be right above space and that you knew grandma was there.


we talked about what if heaven was all around us, and our loved ones were here to love and protect us, even if we couldn't see them.  you thought that was pretty cool, but it might get a bit too crowded.  i kind of agree, but i loved chatting with you about what might be.

boys, thank you for reminding me to slow down the quickness in our days and encouraging me to focus on the simple moments in our lives.  i love you  both to jupiter and back.



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