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over the past year, i've met so many of my clients through my yoga studio,   so when one of their very own teachers emailed me to photograph her sweet baby boy, i was beyond thrilled and excited. 2014-01-29_0001

but then, when i received her responses to my questions - i was in photographer heaven.  abby preferred less posed photos and more "in the moment" photos - which is what fuels my little photog heart.


her family is really special, the kind of people you know are super smart, but very down to earth.  they love to enjoy all the beauty that life brings us, while realizing heartbreak is something we endure and strengthens our soul.


2014-01-29_0006i'll admit, i talk a lot when i get nervous, which sometimes is hard in this job, because i really just want to observe instead of direct.  but for some reason, with abby and her family, i felt as if i could sink into that zone of patiently observing and documenting the bond between the three of them.



these parents -- so in love with their son.  not to mention, probably one of the most relaxed first time parents i've ever met.  i do believe having family sessions at home really helps everyone (including me!) to feel a bit more relaxed and natural, allowing us to feel as if we are just hanging out on a lazy sunday morning.


wishing all the snuggles and happiness to the three of you - you seriously made my heart sing.

* want to catch a yoga class with Abby?  visit her over at Tranquil Space Dupont!

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