if you think their hands are full, imagine their hearts | arlington, va family photographer

sometimes i receive emails from clients and i know from the start we are a match.  that happened when i received dannie's email to photograph her seven week old twins (!) and their grandparents. 2014-02-16_0005

i have a special place in my heart for photographing grandparents - something we often overlook because we are so busy rushing around to get the family photos.  (i'm definitely guilty of this too!)  so when dannie suggested this idea, i was over the moon excited to capture her little ones right next to dannie's very charming parents.


2014-02-16_00072014-02-16_0001oh my gosh, seven week old twins are so exciting!  there is never a dull moment, but the grandparents were always at the ready, helping to calm and soothe these sweet littles to give mama an extra hand.


i'm so fascinated with twins (like how do you tell them apart when they are babies?), but i really believe that twin mamas are so lucky - full hands, but very full hearts.  2014-02-16_0004in between all the photo taking, i got to chat with dannie, her mom & dad, and i adored my time with them.  they are the kind of people that make you want to sit down and stay awhile, soaking up all their positivity and sweetness.  i could have stayed there all day (although i know two participants that might not have been game for that plan!)  hugs to all of you for sharing your lovely family with me!