grandparents are a girl's best friend

this family i had the pleasure of photographing back in october for one of my-mini sessions, and i was so excited to do a take two session this past month.  it was time to celebrate little girl's FIRST birthday party and capture some photos with her grandparents.  2014-03-18_0002 i can't even begin to describe how lucky she is to have not only two amazing parents that love her to pieces, but two grandparents that would go to the end of the earth to just see her smile.


lucky for them, she is just about the cutest and sweetest little one year old i've met.  :)


and did i mention those blue eyes?

2014-03-18_0005i really enjoy photographing grandparents with their grandchildren because both of them are so present in the moment.  grandparents have this ability to soak up every little detail of their grandchildren, without all the chores, checklists and call to actions parents face while raising their children.

grandparents... well, they just savor each activity, each smile and each interaction as if there is nothing else more perfect in this world.  2014-03-18_00062014-03-18_0008


next time you are with the grandparents, try to remember to bring a camera and capture all those special interactions - or to make it easy, just have me come over for a visit.  :) 2014-03-18_0011

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