clickin' for a cause - update | colon cancer alliance




"never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, its the only thing that ever has."                    ~ margaret mead

if you follow me on my facebook, you might have seen my status update mentioning that we raised over $700 for colon cancer alliance at an afternoon photo session at grounded coffee shop.

friends - it was amazing.  my heart poured over in more ways then i can even begin to say.

from the sweetness of will and candy of grounded coffee shop - offering not only space to host the event, but promoting and selling blue t-shirts  to benefit colon cancer alliance; to the fabulous families and supporters that stopped by to participate and donate - you all have held a special place in my heart, that has lasted well beyond that day.

and the icing on the cake?  by the end of the month, after receiving additional donations and support, we will likely tip the $1,000 mark in donations to colon cancer alliance.

i still can't believe how this little idea in my head turned into raising over $1K for an organization - you all AMAZE me, and make me so thankful to be surrounded by such kind, generous souls.  thank you a million and ten times over - for not only supporting this event, but believing that every thing we do, big or small, makes a difference.

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