seven on a sunday - volume two

week number #2, and i'm still at it folks.   might just be a record! last week i shared a new project,  seven on a sunday.  the main reason i chose to do this is it forces me to use my camera almost every single day.  i'm really digging it, and if i continue on this pace, i'll have at least 28 edited photos of my family -- my life -- at the end of every month.  that in itself - worth it!

this week i choose CLOSE for my theme.  i tend to stand back (although sometimes not far enough) in my photography, so this week i challenged myself to get a bit closer.  sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but what resulted was seven photos to share with you this week.













1. chandelier at union market | 2. close together| 3. tonight's veggies (i did eat the whole bowl)

4. playground thinking |  5.  side by side slide smiles  | 6.  almost too close (and yes, he choose to wear his shirt backwards)  | 7. close behind (do you see little brother?)

interested in joining in on the fun?  send me a link to your special spot for the seven on sunday challenge and i'll add you to my list!  (you just need a willingness to use your SLR camera throughout the week and document it on your blog, facebook, flicker, etc!)

ali caudill photography

megan ann photography

katie smith photography

misty rodda photography