seven on sunday - 4.13.14

week 3 and i'm so excited to be doing this project!  you know why?  i heard it takes 21 days to make a habit, so we are officially at 21 days.  BUT, this week was hard, and i didn't take a picture everyday.  which is why my theme this week is "weekend".  all these photos were taken in the last two days.  one thing i realized, pulling out the camera every day makes a big difference.  because most of these photos were taken when it was just me and the boys out and about, which means i'm usually juggling 15 things at once, and a little distracted! here is my "weekend" in review (at least the part of the weekend spent with my boys!)



1.  picking out their cookies at the farmers market |  2.  the baseball hat cookie was the clear winner  |  3.  choosing flowers for me  :)  |  4.  gavin never likes his photo taken, this is his "photo" smile   |  5.  liam doing his "booty butt" dance  for his friend andrew |  6.  what mom?  |  7.  not my finest parenting moment, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  the enchiladas were kind of worth it.

a few other ladies are joining along!  want to join in on the fun?  leave your link below in the comments!