celebrating ten years


ten years ago, i was getting ready with my girlfriends, about to enjoy the best party of my life.  or so, i thought.

what i didn't realize then, was that the party hadn't even begun.  the "formal" party, where everyone came to wish us well and celebrate in this "one special day" was pretty amazing.

but marriage isn't really about that one special day.  to me, its marking a date in time where you stand up in front of everyone saying this person is IT.  i'm trusting them to be there by my side, no matter what.

but sometimes when we stand up next to someone, we have the best intentions, but things happen, life changes and we are finding that its harder and harder to stand by that person.

and i'll admit, there have been a few times over the past ten years, where standing side by side was pretty tough.  but those days, while difficult, were what made us who we are - growing us together in ways i could never imagine.   because this guy, makes my heart melt over and over every day - and this little roller coaster we are on - is better than even the biggest party of my dreams.

happy anniversary darling.  i love you more than all the planets in the universe.


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