alan + rachel + baby boy love

ever meet someone, and you just know they will be a mama someday?  that is rachel. 2014-05-17_0001

i've known her almost six years and i was amazed at how well she "got" motherhood.  i think before mamas have kids, we think its going to this amazing glorious moment in life and no matter how often others tell you that you'll be sleep deprived, your life will change, etc. - you can't really grasp that until the baby is in your arms.  but rachel - had this amazing insight well before her little boy arrived on the scene.  i know she might laugh at me saying this, but she has really adjusted to motherhood like none other first time mama i've known.   its pretty easy to see why.



2014-05-17_0008but here's the thing - alan, is super amazing with kids too.  i remember him running mine around the park when i was at a work function and i thought i was going to loose my marbles.  he's amazing with little kids.

but babies are a bit harder, right?  and i know how much alan likes to sleep (we have that in common), and i knew just how.hard.that.adjustment is (and still is).  i'll admit, i was a bit worried for him -- i knew he had kids, but babies?  oh my gosh, i was so wrong.  he's absolutely amazing.




this little boy is so loved, and i kid you not, this is how they are with their sweet little boy all the time.  they just love him to pieces and i adore watching them with him.


not to mention, he is AMAZING.  can you believe, just twelve hours after this photo shoot his first tooth came in?  he was so calm and chill, and other than the hands in the mouth, i would have never known he was teething.


hugs to the three of you, i'm so excited for all the fun years ahead!




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