lauren + peter are engaged! | washington, dc engagement photographer

" love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worth while" - Franklin P. Jones

2014-06-15_0009sometimes the stars align and two people are just destined to meet each other.  peter and lauren met each other when they lived in the same apartment building.  i always love hearing how people meet, thinking if someone would have made one small change, the history of their life might be different.


but i think that love has a way of finding us, and maybe that makes me idyllic, but when i see couples like peter and lauren together, i can't help but think that no matter what, somehow the two of them would find each other - they just seemed destined to be by each other's side.


they are such a sweet couple - the way they laugh together, act silly and support each other.  it seems that they have a pretty fun ride ahead of them.


wishing the two of you much love and happy wishes for that wedding day around the corner!