tina + tony and their two adorable littles | alexandria, virginia family photographer

i'm not going to lie, when i found out tina + tony live on my old neighborhood street, i did this happy dance and was so excited to meet them. that house has so many memories and i still miss that house to this day. while i can't remember the exact reason why i thought we needed to move, i'm pretty certain pregnancy hormones had something to do with it... i vaguely remember thinking my life would be in order with a new baby IF we moved.. yes, you can start laughing now. meeting them made me wish i lived on that street when they moved in - their family is the perfect balance of love and affection, mixed in with comfort and stability. their kids remind me of my kids - especially with the youngest being the star of the show. they are so calm and cool that i can tell they take parenting very seriously - if you consider serious having the time of your life with your kids.

can't you just see the love?

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the four of you remind me WHY i love this job so much - capturing families being their authentic self, one happy moment at a time. xoxo.

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