storytelling family photo session | ready for bedtime | fairfax, virginia

i've been participating in a fabulous class called the business of telling stories with colie james photography.  i was completely blown away by the talented group of ladies in this class, and colie is an amazing teacher.  she's so patient with all the questions we ask her and is open to telling you ANYTHING. week four of our class was to document a true storytelling session and hannah and her beautiful family  agreed to be my muses.  this was a special documentary session because they will soon be departing virginia and laying down new roots in the awesome city austin texas.  they have been living with  gabriel's mom and dad for almost the past year, so while i'm sure it will be nice to have their own home, it will be bitter sweet to leave behind such lovely (and involved!) grandparents. i could not have asked for a better family to document because they were onboard with anything i asked them to do.  they will always hold a special place in my heart - and hopefully i'll get to capture them again when they come back to sweet virginia.  but in the meantime, i hope you enjoy capturing a peak of their evening bedtime routine.  i mean, how precious are these kids?  they were so thoughtful, sweet and funny. 2014-07-16_0001 2014-07-16_0002 2014-07-16_0003 2014-07-16_0004 2014-07-16_0005 2014-07-16_0006 2014-07-16_0007 2014-07-16_0008 2014-07-16_0009 2014-07-16_0010 2014-07-16_0011 2014-07-16_0012 2014-07-16_0013 2014-07-16_0014 2014-07-16_0015 2014-07-16_0016 2014-07-16_0017 thanks hannah, gabriel, grandparents and three little cuties for making this session so incredibly fun for me. many hugs to the seven of you. :)