miss mckenna | old town alexandria, virginia senior photo session

I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it. - Anonymous  

do you remember back to your senior year of high school?  all of that excitement about that last year -- while also growing out of the high school skin and taking those first steps on your newest journey?

for many of us, it is incredibly scary to leave high school -- even if we are ready for the change.  i remember looking  so forward to starting my life "over" but i admit, i was really scared of all the change to come.   sometimes it felt easier to stay in my little cocoon of a town and just work and have nice things.

but i desired more, and many of us want to see what else is out there in that big world - and no matter how nervous we may be -  we are up for the challenge.  when i met mckenna, i knew she felt the same way.  she has this amazing happy personality, so full of life and energy.  she is ready to go see the world, while taking her awesome style and beautiful looks right along with her.

oh and mckenna is SUPER smart. (she actually made snapchat something i could understand)  but i can tell she also has the ability to figure out any situation, make others feel comfortable and have the best time no matter what she is doing.  i'm pretty sure those are some of the best skills you can have when you are ready to see the world.



i met mckenna through her aunt (who is incredibly talented - check out her amazing work over at Etsy) and just like her niece, is so perceptive and new i would love this session.  many of my clients know that when i'm in that grove, i forget how much time has gone by and i keep taking photos.  that is exactly what happened on this beautiful august night.


many hugs to you miss mckenna - enjoy your last year of high school and be sure to enjoy the journey.  :)