{giveaway alert!} inaugural small business love post: kingstowne family chiropractic

ever since I was a little girl, i knew I wanted my own business. my early inspiration came form others that seemed to defy odds and pursue their passions.  now that i'm actually one of those people (still seems hard to believe!), my hope is to provide inspiration to others who might be contemplating the same leap of faith!  for any of you that need that little push – these posts are about sharing stories of other women who are super cool, awesome, and MAKING IT HAPPEN. for the first installment of small business love, meet Dr. Luciano of Kingstowne Family Chiropractic.


about a year and a half ago, i met dr.  luciano when she was one of my first photography clients.  i fell in love with her family from the moment i met them - they were so real, relaxed and determined, photographing them was just amazing.   about a year later, she shared with me the good news that she was about to start her own business.

hope you find the interview with the charming, witty and super-smart Dr. Luciano inspiring!  (p.s. I was fortunate enough to photograph her “in action” – as well as spend an afternoon at the winery at bull run taking her professional headshots – hello, she is gorgeous!)



Let’s start from the beginning – what prompted you to start your business?

In general I always knew I would own my own business, I just didn't think I would start my own. I thought I would end up buying an existing practice. However, once I began to settle into practice as a physician and learn more about who I was specifically as a doctor, I realized that opening my own practice would actually be the best decision for me in the long run. I enjoyed being an associate for the time that I was, and I learned a lot during that time. I think that every young doctor out of school still has so much learning and growing to do that it is almost impossible to know exactly where you will be in 5 years from the time of graduation. I am incredibly lucky that I have a wonderful family that has supported all of my decisions along the way, even when they have changed. Owning my own practice allows me to practice in the way that I feel benefits my patients the most, while not compromising any of my own ethics or values. Really, wanting to be able to do the best I could for my patients, was what led me to branch out on my own!



Any advice to other women (especially moms) who want to embark on a new business adventure?

I think that there is a fine balance between work and Mommyhood. I tried to minimize the impact on my children by never taking time away from them, and instead taking it from my personal time in those first few months when everything was (more than a little bit) crazy! My three year old was very sensitive to the fact that I was busier than normal and was sure to clue me in if I wasn't giving her and her brother enough Mommy time. I think in the end our entire family has benefitted from the transition, and my husband was great about reminding me not to be too hard on myself when it came to missing out on some family time. My honest advice would be, know that the greatest amount of work and stress is in that first few months when you make the decision and are getting set up, so keep telling yourself life will calm down again soon! It's like having a newborn, you will be tired for a while and feel overworked (you are!) but after a few months you will be starting to settle in and there will be a new sense of calm. I don't think our family has ever been happier! It's unrealistic to expect your business (especially a new one) to flourish without you putting in a lot of time and effort, so make sure you are prepared ahead of time for the long hours.


How do you balance your family/personal time and building your business?

I really stick to a strict schedule. I have my office hours, and I have my administrative hours, then I also have set family time. I work in the extra time I need to my own personal time, like after the kids are in bed, during nap time on my days off, etc. Its busy, and I don't get nearly as many naps as I used to, but its worth it!


What is your favorite activity to do with your kids?  

I love being with my kids...anything I do with my kids I just find so rewarding. I like taking them to do new things and seeing their expressions as they find something new and fun to do. We recently went to the trampoline park and they thought that was great (added bonus: a great workout for my husband and I) My 3 year old has starting riding horses, which I grew up doing, so it is fun to do something I love so much together! I think that in general we do the same things as most families: petting zoos, aquariums, beach vacation, pre-school play dates, etc. I will say that on Sunday mornings having the whole family climb into our bed and snuggle before getting up for the day has to be one of my most treasured times right now though...I know that they will get older and not want to snuggle anymore, so I am really hanging on to that for all its worth right now!


2014-09-25_00082014-09-25_0010What is your favorite way to unwind and relax?  

Relaxing outside on the deck by the fire pit with a glass of wine and my husband. (having s'mores isn't a bad addition either!) Just simple, quiet, and relaxing!




recently i had the opportunity Dr. Luciano and her family (for the second time!) - so i just had to post a few photos of their adorable sweet family.  :)



need chiropractic care?  visit Dr. Luciano at the lansdowne shopping center off of beulah in alexandria. (6474 lansdowne centre alexandria, va 22315) call (703-417-9557) to schedule an appointment or walk-in for a gentle spine spa treatment.


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