it's all in the family | arlington, virginia family photographer


family is not an important thing.  it's everything.  ~ michael j. fox


when i first heard from amber, she said the magic words - i want photos of my family, but not for a special occasion - rather photos celebrating our everyday.  and the best thing amber wanted photos of - her and her husband's family.  hello, doesn't she win the best daughter-in-law award?

so here's the thing - the family consisted of ELEVEN people.  i'll admit, i'm used to  the 4-5 variety, but this family made it so easy and fun.  getting to know all of them was a blast, (especially since amber provided me the scoop on everyone ahead of time, so i knew more about them then just their names!)

when you photograph eleven family members - everyone has a different idea about taking photos.  each of the families within the big family have their own photo dynamics.  some people need to be loosened up, others are ready to just jump right in.  with eleven, you never know what you'll get but the journey is one awesome ride!

luckily though, i had some assistants to help me out.  three girls are huge helpers to get the adults laughing.  they did a pretty good job if you ask me.

amber, you have an amazing family, full of such wonderful personalities, sunshine and love.  it was such a pleasure to spend time with all of you.   :)