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alexandria virginia storytelling photography
alexandria virginia storytelling photography

thanksgiving is a time of reflection, food, family and for better or worse, shopping.  :)

i love how small business saturday has become part of the mix.  there is something about walking into a small business and having the owner or someone personally involved in the business work with you directly.  i adore entrepreneurship and its something that makes my heart swoon.

so this year i'm offering a super special deal in honor of small business saturday -   i am so excited and can't wait to share it with you!

for starters, one of the things i love to photograph - stories.  capturing people be themselves while i hang out along side of you.  do what your family does and i capture YOUR story.  there are no "everyone look here" moments or stoping while I capture something.  you do what you do, and i just capture it along the way.

you might be wondering what exactly is a storytelling session?  how do we even prepare for that?  in many ways, its so much easier then a regular session for your family.  we come up with an activity you LOVE to do as a family.  this can be anything from hanging out at starbucks (my family favorite),  partaking in a crazy family game night, making a family breakfast or capturing your morning snuggle routine.

then, i show up and start taking photos.

and then you get this amazing story of your family - the one you want to capture and never forget.  because one thing i've realized about photography - its our only way to slow down time.  we can't get moments back, but we can capture it in photos.  

in case you want to see what a storytelling session is like,  check out this storytelling session - you might recognize the people.  :) (and let me tell you, if i can photograph this family, i can photograph any family!)

and if you'd like to see another family storytellling session, check out one of my favorites.

so, now that you are as excited as me - let me tell you about the SALE!

if you book your storytelling session by cyber Monday (12/1) and hold the session by March 20, 2015 - your session fee is only $200.  That's over at 50% discount!  I mean, how many black friday deals did you score that were 50% off?

and this deal will last much longer than than that TV you bought at best buy.  (or if you are like me, clothing for your kiddos).

all you need to do is send me an email - leave a message on my facebook post - or comment on my instagram post.  i'll be in touch shortly with a super quick questionnaire (to make sure a storytelling session will work for you) and an invoice to pay for your session fee.

so stop what you are doing - snag this deal before its too late!  can't wait to capture YOUR family story!


small print:  that is not my kitchen in the above photograph.  (its actually a super cool kids museum in temecula, ca)  this discount only applies to storytelling sessions and not newborn or traditional family sessions.  this is only offered for sessions that take place between January 1  and March 20, 2015.  Limited to four sessions.  So stop reading this and send me an email!  :)

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