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it's hard to believe its already christmas eve - didn't this holiday season seem to fly by this year?  and while many are out doing their last minute shopping, i'm of course working on last minute photo session editing to deliver all the galleries to my amazing clients this year. and this photo session of course HAD to go up by christmas eve - because what says christmas more than finding the perfect christmas tree?

we met for this session at ticonderoga farms in chantilly, virginia - and it ended up being the best mixture of close to DC with sweet country life mixed in.

but before i let the pictures tell the story - i must tell you a little background behind this session.  the amazingly beautiful mama you'll see in these photos is a fellow photographer over at the birth lens.  and what's even more exciting, is when i started my photography journey, i remember picking up her card at a local coffee shop (Grounded Coffee - in case you were wondering!) and rushing to a computer to see her images.  i was smitten by them.  she does the most amazing birth photography and i was so nervous to even like her facebook page back then (ha, yes, that's true!).  so when she contacted me to do a storytelling photo session, i almost fell over.  lets say this is the most nervous i've been for a photo session in a LONG time.

but when we got to the farm, about 30 seconds later, that all melted away.  because this type of session is what i believe and slowly coming to accept (ha!) is the photography i am meant to do.  capturing the uniqueness of a family, doing something they love (or in this case, starting a new tradition).  documenting the not so perfect moments, while also tossing in those belly laughing, giggles a moment later.

on top of it all, amber's family has this beautiful connection between the four of them - completely in synch with each other and radiating so much goodness.  amber is probably the most patient calm, mother i have ever met (oh, and did i mention she is a doula too?) and honestly, her husband jason is the exact.same way.  (and did i mention they teach childbirth classes together?)  but more than anything, her two children are filled with curiosity, spontaneity and that same gentle kindness that radiates from their parents.

to amber and jason and their sweet littles, i am honored to have captured your family.  and now for the story.  hugs and love.2014-12-24_00012014-12-24_00022014-12-24_00032014-12-24_00042014-12-24_00052014-12-24_00062014-12-24_00072014-12-24_00082014-12-24_00092014-12-24_00102014-12-24_00112014-12-24_00122014-12-24_00132014-12-24_00142014-12-24_00152014-12-24_00162014-12-24_00172014-12-24_00182014-12-24_00192014-12-24_00202014-12-24_00212014-12-24_00222014-12-24_00232014-12-24_00242014-12-24_00252014-12-24_00262014-12-24_00272014-12-24_00282014-12-24_00292014-12-24_00302014-12-24_00312014-12-24_00322014-12-24_00332014-12-24_00342014-12-24_00352014-12-24_00362014-12-24_00372014-12-24_00382014-12-24_00392014-12-24_00402014-12-24_00412014-12-24_00422014-12-24_00442014-12-24_00452014-12-24_00462014-12-24_00472014-12-24_00482014-12-24_00492014-12-24_00502014-12-24_00512014-12-24_00522014-12-24_00532014-12-24_0054


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