happy new-born day | washington, dc lifestyle newborn photographer

i seem to have a trend for posting on holidays lately -- maybe its because that's when things seem to slow down and i can catch up on blogging!   i don't know about you, but i am so excited for 2015.  something about a new year where you can bring out the new planner, new calendar and start fresh, warms my heart.  so on one of my favorite holidays, i wanted to share this session of this amazing little guy! he was perhaps the easiest newborn session of the year - i don't think he cried once.  and his mom and dad were the most calm, relaxed first time parents.  and their house - amazingly beautiful.  mama is a pretty talented decorator and dad has made some awesome improvements to this quintessential dc row home.  i could have stayed there all day (or even taken a vacation there!)

much love and hugs to this family - they really helped to send out my last photo session of the year with a bang.  i can't begin to thank them for all their kindness, laughter and good times we shared photographing their amazing newborn baby boy.



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