and what is your resolution for this year?

Happy 2015!  Here's a little story about my favorite holiday - (its New Year's if you can't guess..) When I was a little girl, I adored New Year's Eve - I would spend all day cleaning my room, getting it just "perfect" to start the New Year.  I was a bit obsessed with clean slates and the chance to begin anew.  After cleaning my little heart out, I would take a shower and put on my favorite clothes to go out to dinner, where I would  eat healthy so that my body would be off to a good start.  Now I realize there is a lot to psycho-analyze in this behavior for a seven year old - but I'm hoping I'm not alone when saying many of us love a fresh start.  And for my organizing personality - there is nothing like a new calendar or planner to get me all jazzed up.

As years have gone by, i've realized its less about the flip of the calendar and more about the flip of the day that gives you the chance to start over-- but I've still enjoyed the opportunity to mark the beginning of the year, with either a new resolution or a "word" for the year.

And while i still love that idea - this is the first year I've done none of that.  No word, no major goals (at least for the flip of the calendar!)  Instead i'm choosing to really tune into the days, the hours, the minutes.  (Try) to take each day as it comes and embrace what feels right - in motherhood, photography and relationships.  Let go of what "should be" - while also challenging my boundaries, making tough decisions and no longer letting fear hold on tight.  Just each day a new with the chance to make this world a little better (even if that all that I'm doing is recycling my paper bags).

This past December, my son began a photo Christmas project with his friend - he diligently took a photo each day, and became more and more excited as each day went on.  He inspired me, because he didn't look at the whole project - just one day at a time.  I honestly never thought he would finish but amazed when he did.

It got me thinking - if he enjoyed this so much, couldn't I do the same?  How can I challenge myself in photography -  just taking it one day at a time?

You guessed it, a 365.

I've always wanted to do one, but never thought I could commit.  I still don't know if I can, but I'm trusting my gut - letting go of fears and choosing to saddling up for it.  I know the first 21 days will be hard (until habit kicks in) and I've heard that at month 3 or 4, I will really feel like quitting.  But here's hoping my stubborness kicks in at just the right time.

So here we go - my first eight of the year.  I started on December 26 so I wouldn't feel the pressure of "January 1st", which might have been the best or worst idea.  (I mean, its so much easier to count a 365 when you start on January 1!)  So if I lose track and just post seven a week, you'll know why.  :)

Day 1:365Day 2:365Day 3:365Day 4:365Day 5:365Day 6:365Day 7:365Day 8:365


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