the first-born| Alexandria, Virginia Maternity Photographer

Whenever I photograph families that are about to have their second baby, the most common concern/worry is how their oldest child will adjust to their second born.  I think we also can't imagine how our heart will expand because we are so in love with our first-born. I chatted with Suzi about this a little bit, because as you'll see, their first born is such a huge part of their family.  While some might say things will change, I'm pretty confident their first-born love will be just as strong - it might just  mean the oldest sibling has to wait a few minutes longer before taking his evening walk.

I think is hard to imagine how the second baby will create this unimaginable bond with the first.  I see it all the time in my boys and I'm pretty sure this family will too.

I can already see their toddling son, throwing the ball for his "big" brother and laughing as he watches him run to chase it.  Or maybe I can fast forward a bit more, when in elementary school his friends will come over to play in the backyard with "older brother", burning off some much needed energy for all of them.

Suzi and Jeremy, I can't wait to be there as you welcome your son to the world.  In the meantime, I enjoyed commemorating your family of three, as you are about to become the most amazing family of four.

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