31 Days - 31 Photos - A Celebration of 2015 - and how you keep me accountable

Wow, where did 2015 go?  I’m still not ready to give up my flip-flops (thank you Mother Nature for the warmish Thanksgiving weather); and now we are on the eve of the last month of the year! 

Today, my son and his friend chatted about kicking of their countdown to Christmas again- last year they marked 24 days 'til Christmas by taking a photo each day and sharing it with each other.   Funny enough, their photos started resembling each other (even though they had no idea what the other was doing).   It reminded me of the blog 3191 miles apart (a good read if you enjoy looking at photography).  They’ll be trying it out again this year and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  Follow along if you’d like. 

Their countdown made me think about starting my own – but instead of counting down days until something, I’ll be celebrating the last 31 days of 2015 with a photo from 31 different families, friends, kids, babies and couples I’ve had the honor of photographing this year. 

And in case you haven’t noticed, blogging has not been my thing this year – so why not end the year on a bang, with 31 days of straight blogging?  Its never too late to reach your new year’s resolutions right? 

Goals and accountability to keep me motivated – especially when others are watching.    The way that keeps me accountable and keeps people watching?   Make a contest.  

Here’s how you can play along –visit my facebook page each day for a new photo.  The photo with the most likes at the end of the month will win a personalized box full of treats from me (those questionnaires come in handy in more ways then one!)  

The box will include something for everyone in the family- so send some good cheer to those in the photos and help them win a little end of year suprise!  If you are featured in a photo – I would love it if you had your friends and family hop over to like the photo (never hurts to increase your odds, right?!)

To kick off the contest – here is a photo of MY family – sadly I have barely taken any photos this fall, but I did manage something other than an iphone at my son’s birthday party.  :) 

Oh, and if I start slacking, I expect you all to call me out.  Promise?

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