31 Days - 31 Photographs: Day 1; Home is where the Heart is

In honor of closing on my new (but old - think 1940's!) house, I wanted to post this photo for my first of the 31 day celebration.  (Wondering what that 31 day celebration is about?  Read more about it here).  

This cutie pie and her family had me photograph them for the last few hours at their DC house, before they moved all the way to MA. I loved how she just sat on the floor and started reading - in the midst of the empty room. Today when we took our kids to our new house, it looked exactly like this - empty, but ready for a new family to make memories and for the old family to tuck memories safely inside their hearts.

If you like this photo, or know this family, leave a comment below or hop on over to my facebook page.  Whichever photo receives the most likes/comments this month will win a personalized family gift box from me.  :)  

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