31 Days - 31 Photographs - Day 24 - Being Brave

Being brave is something I think we all struggle with - and pet photography, is definitely not my forte.  But how can i not include family members in family photos?  So I always oblige when people ask (although I admit, I only have one trick to make pets look at me, so if it doesn't work, you might see me start to sweat a little!).  This pup belongs to one of the best pet owners I know - we even trust them to watch our hamster when we are away.  And let me tell you, behind this family are two adorable boys, with parents that think the sun rises and sets on them.  Luckily, they are full of love to still have some left over for this pup.  :)  

wondering what that 31 days- 31 photographs is about?  Read more about it here.  If you like this photo, or know this family, leave a comment below or hop on over to my facebook page.  Whichever photo receives the most likes/comments this month will win a personalized family gift box from me.  :)  

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