31 Days - 31 Photographs - Day 25 - Finding Home

When I met this mama - two seconds later, I prayed she would choose me to photograph their family.  For starters, I think I met my met for who can smile more (a lady in Starbucks even thought we were sisters).  But what drew me to their story was how each holiday, they document them in the city they live (Dad is military) so to create a running history for their family.   I am so happy they ended up here for their next stop - because I fell head over heels in love with photographing their family.  

And this photo seemed a bit appropriate for the holiday.  Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!  

wondering what that 31 days- 31 photographs is about?  Read more about it here.  If you like this photo, or know this family, leave a comment below or hop on over to my facebook page.  Whichever photo receives the most likes/comments this month will win a personalized family gift box from me.  :)  

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