31 Days - 31 Photographs; Day 9: Queen Bee

Standing behind that energetic boy is a pregnant mama, about to welcome a girl to her home full of boys.  I love maternity sessions like these, capturing families doing what they love - celebrating their life before the newest one arrives to the mix.  

And what I loved about this session even more --  they reminded me exactly of the dynamics of my family - two boys, full of energy with very different personalities - and two parents with different styles creating a sweet mixture family dynamic that is so.much.fun to photograph.  

Stay tuned for some photos of their adorable little girl ready to arrive any day now!  

Wondering what that 31 days= 31 photographs is about?  Read more about it here.  If you like this photo, or know this family, leave a comment below or hop on over to my facebook page.  Whichever photo receives the most likes/comments this month will win a personalized family gift box from me.  :)  

Kelly Loss