Recently I decided to start adding albums to my photo packages.  I'll admit, at first I kind of resisted adding them because I couldn't seem to find an album that my fit the needs of my family clients.  Something beautiful, but was also affordable for family photo sessions.  

In the "get to know you" client session, I usually bring a sample so you can touch and feel what an album looks like.  But sometimes, meeting in person isn't always possible!  So, here's just a little taste of the album I offer - a beautiful hard cover album with flush mounted, gorgeous and luxurious pages, that stand up on their own when you open the book.  

Albums are something I love delivering to my clients - because all too often (myself included), those gorgeous digital files end up sitting pretty on your hard drive, with no way to quickly show to family and friends.  

Also, I'm a little obsessed with having things to pass down to my family.  Even though I strive for minimalism, I feel photos are something that are the exception to the rule, and carefully curated photos for your family are not only a gift for yourself, but for the future generations that will hold the photos in their hand.  Not to mention, it saves wall space too!  

If you'd like to  preserve your family memories, lets schedule a complementary consultation to discuss your family storytelling family session!  I am based in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC metro area and love seeing how your family tells your own unique story.   


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