What is a storytelling session?

One of the things I love about running my own business is the ability to follow through on inspiration almost immediately.  If I have a new idea, I can implement it as soon as I feel the time is right.  

About six months ago, I started offering storytelling sessions in addition to my more "lifestyle" sessions.  If storytelling and lifestyle session terminology confuse you - not to worry - most photographers (including me) wonder as well!

When I started photographing families, I loved the feeling of creating images that captured them as they are - while still controlling the environment - which for a closet Type A girl like me, works pretty well!  I love getting real reactions, smiles and emotions from those I photograph.  That is exactly what lifestyle photography is all about - beautiful photos, beautiful emotions and authenticity of the family.  

I sort of thought that was where documentary family photography ended.  Until I came across storytelling photography.  There are a variety of names for it - including documentary and photojournalism, and there are even some truly amazing genres called "day in the life photography".  My version of storytelling is - capturing the moment as it is, while finding the best camera angle to highlight the moment, without disturbing any of the surroundings.  

Because I feel that photographs can best capture words, I wanted to share a few sessions from this past spring that  best describe these family storytelling sessions.  If you are interested in scheduling one of these sessions - keep in mind they will probably be one of the least stressful photography sessions you've ever done with your family - there is no posing, no rules, your family is just YOU.  Basically, we plan an activity, you show up, and I do the rest.  Contact me today to capture your family telling their story.  

Story session:  A picnic at the Cherry Blossoms

Story session:  Spending time with mom (and brother too)


Story session:  A visit to Burke Lake; a train ride and ice cream

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