A Day in the Life Session in Washington, DC

Friends, these type of  sessions move my soul.  I remember editing their session.  Usually I go through the images one evening and save the editing for another evening.  Even with the allure of some good reality TV on DVR and a husband to cuddle with - I could not.stop.working. on this session once I opened it.  

Quite possibly, I fell in love with photography all over again the night I edited this session.  

There are many factors - the first perhaps being that this couple is just about the coolest, down to earth twosome (now foursome) you will ever meet.  And bonus -  they are also our family friends - so much so that even before they had these two little guys, they were the best entertainers to my boys.  (We've enjoyed many of "make your own pizza" nights at their house!)  

As I mentioned in my last post - there is a genre of photography called "Day in the Life" sessions. This session is similar to that - except we took just a part of their day (wake-up to first nap of the day) and documented it.  

Other than a few photos I took for them when we were at the park - there was absolutely NO direction.  I didn't tell them what to do, where to sit or anything like that.  I documented them/their house/as is.  

If you ask Mom, she'll probably tell you she did a bit of cleaning up before I came over.  I think that's pretty normal whenever you have a company, right?  Otherwise, there really wasn't any fuss to prepare for this session.  

I point this out, because photo sessions can sometimes be a bit stressful.  We don't want them to be, but OY VEY, sometimes coordinating everyone and making them try to be happy is just so darn difficult!  So here's my challenge to you - if you like what you see below - let's schedule your next photo session like this one.  I promise, your house/family/etc. is beautiful just the way it is (and plus, that's my job to try to make it look pretty!)  

Okay, onto the loveliness of this sweet family....


I don't know about you - but seeing the four of them makes me want to move into the city, find a great condo for my boys + me, and spend our days exploring the spirit and vibe of this amazing place they call home.   :)  


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