First Born Love | Washington, DC Newborn Photography

First born babies, they take my breath away.  It's amazing how in a blink of the eye, this little person arrives in the world and they completely transform two (or more) people in a way they never thought possible.  

Seriously, I fell in love with this family.  Before baby girl even arrived on the scene, I chatted with her mom and just knew in my heart this would end up being a favorite session of mine.  I arrived at their sweet little home (which was awesomely decorated too!) and my heart melted the moment I walked in.  Friends, you can feel the love in these photos from the way they change her, to the way dad tries to soothe baby girl to sleep, I was smiling so much behind my camera my cheeks hurt.  

And often when a couple brings a new baby into the world, there are some grandparents to go along with her.  

If I could have grandparents at every session, I would be one happy lady.  :)  

I enjoy photographing babies on their own, but for the most part, mom and dad snuggling and holding their newest family member is the meat and potatoes for me.   (Spoken like a true "almost" vegetarian, right?)

And the best part - is right at the end of the session, when we've spent so much time together, the family literally just hangs out and chats and I keep taking photos.  Almost always, that is where the magic happens.    


Interested in having newborn baby photos captured in a relaxed, authentic and super fun way?  Let's chat toady.  I love traveling to DC, Maryland and Virginia for newborn documentary lifestyle photography.