Take me out to the Ballgame | Documentary Family Photos Washington, DC

I've mentioned before that I love capturing stories of families, but my own family often takes a backseat to being photographed.  I try my best, but when I get into crunch mode  and have more photos to edit then there are legos in my house, I'm not rushing out to capture my family for hours on end and adding more file to my expanding hard drive.  

This day, (and we won't talk about how long ago - although there is a hint in this post!) I decided to bring along the camera.  My kids were somewhat open to it, which practically never happens.  They usually tell me to put the camera away... but this day they were in a good mood.  :) .  I joke that they have turned me into a documentary photographer because posing is out of the question with them.  

We ended up going to a National's game and choosing to take the metro.  If you ask me, the metro ride was just as/if not more fun then the game itself.  


*Are you the family photographer too? Do you notice I am in just one photo?  Remember to hand over your camera to your family so that you can get in the photos.  And if they aren't obliging, well you have no other alternative then to call me to chat about a family documentary photo session.  :)