Done is better than Perfect | 365 Project

Day 103- 127

I am trying to embrace slacking on my 365 project - I have mostly kept up with the photos, but not like I did at the beginning of the year.  For some reason, writing this blog post to post my recent photos has literally taken me  a month to write - and I can't figure out why.  Am I scared to say I haven't kept up with the photos, or that I haven't had enough time?  Nope -  its literally the worst case of writers block I might have ever had.  

And friends, that drives me bat bleep crazy. 

Have I been curating too much content instead of creating and writing?  I wonder if its possible for your brain to turn off creative mode if you've filled up too much on curating?  

Is it that I write too many to-do lists  and writing a blog post with paragraphs sounds daunting?

- Of course not.  

-"I just need to be inspired," I say.

-"Take some time for myself."

-"Go on an artist date."

-"Get more sleep."  


Day 128-158

I try to come up with all these elaborate ideas on how to get rid of this writer's block -- and I think I'm starting to realize the answer.  No matter what I do to analayze, hypothesize or organize - it comes back to one thing.  


No deep message of how you should stick at a project even if you miss a few days (okay, weeks).  Or that writers block  happens all the time and here is how I have overcome it.  

Maybe its as simple as sending out this post, imperfect and all, and letting it find its own nook of the world without some poignant considered thought attached to it.  

Day 159 - 216

Now its your turn to go out - finish up that project that you've been putting off because its not perfect.  Or saving that super awesome bottle of wine for the right moment.  

Done, truly feels better than perfect.  I'm feeling the good vibes already - won't you join me?  

Lets inspire some others - leave a comment below or on Facebook/Instagram and tell me what you got done, instead of got perfect today.  

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