Giveaway: How to share photos, vintage style -- Albums & Design

Remember that Sex in the City where Carrie’s laptop crashes and she wraps it up in a pashmina scarf and carries it to the store, begging the computer man to save her poor little laptop? 

That was me three weeks ago – sitting in the Apple store bracing myself for the worst.  It was like waiting for your doctor to give you test results – you prepare for the worst, sitting on pins and needles until the outcome is revealed…

So, when the apple god/guy came back with my laptop and said “everything is going to be fine”  I couldn’t believe my luck, vowed to be a better laptop owner and came home to immediately back-up all my files.   (My client files are always backed up – but my personal files… sadly a different story.) 

So as I spent hours backing up the files, I saw photos I hadn’t seen in a long time – and would probably never see again unless I do something with them.  Many of my clients confess the same thing – they promise they will do something with the photos, but checking in a few years later, they have only seen the light of day as a jpeg on their computer (hopefully backed-up!)

I get it – just doing the photos done is hard work.  Once they are complete you figure – ah, I can relax, that’s checked off the list.  And while I think the session is 50% of the work – the other 50% is deciding what to do with the photos.

This year I’m going to share a few ideas with you –  how to share your photos with not only your devices, but hold them in your hands as well.   One of the easiest ways to preserve for the future – an album.    But then that becomes another project…. figuring out a layout. 

One of the things I offer for clients is an album – and while I love seeing the finished product, sometimes my clients like to combine their photos with other photos from the year, prefer a different album company to match their past albums or want a professional layout, but can’t spring for the professional binding as well. 

New this year, I'll be offering layout design – you just need to tell me the size, number of pages and photos you want to include (or, tell me choose and I'll pick my favorite!).   It’s a great way to have a professionally designed album with files you can easily upload to your favorite printer making a gorgeous family heirloom. 

So what do layouts look like?  Here’s a sample from one of my recent family sessions in DC – this family visited from Florida and I had the chance to capture their family seeing the sites.  What a great memory from their trip that they can either print as is, or incorporate as part of a year of memories throughout 2015.

At the end of my 31 days – 31 photographs post,  I mentioned a giveaway.  This year I’ll be giving away 3 album designs to past clients – completely free!   Just leave a comment below and I’ll randomly choose 3 of you to receive an album layout that will be ready to upload to your favorite printer! 

Lets make 2016 the year of actually doing something with our photos and sharing them with someone other than our hard drives.    :)   

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