And then, the Baby Girl | Ft. Belvoir, Virginia Newborn Hospital Photographer

This adorable family reminds me so much of my own - two boys that are all about running around, being crazy and ultimately, being brothers.  And when their mama called me to chat about a hospital newborn session at Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital for their DAUGHTER, I was over the moon excited.

Hospital newborn or Fresh 48 sessions are my favorite newborn sessions - capturing euphoric first moments of a baby's life, and often the meeting of siblings for the first time, make me honored to document these moments for families.  

Are you interested in a Fresh 48 newborn photography session?  I would love to tell you more about it!  But a few ways it is different then a regular newborn session:

- Less stressful; nothing to plan for; 

- You are able to document your baby's first few hours into their new world;

- The best of both - a documentary approach to newborn photography, with a few classic images included (baby alone, family together, etc.); 

- The opportunity to document a sibling meeting their baby brother/sister for the first time

My Fresh 48 Newborn sessions can be done at any hospital, home or birth center in the DC/MD/VA area.  When you choose to work with me, we coordinate carefully around your due date to make sure I will be available within 48 hours of the birth of your baby.  These are a great alternative to birth photography, allowing you to capture the newness, without the commitment of a birth photographer (although those photos are pretty amazing to have too!)  

If this sounds like fun to you, lets chat so I can learn all about your unique family story!