Why I choose to capture the Story | Arlington, VA Family Photographer

When I first started photographing families, I was so happy to capture a family in front of my camera, that if you had kids and parents, I was there.   Something happened along the way - as I took more photographs of families, something emerged.  

I am not a poser.  

If you grew up when I did, poser had a name that referred to being someone you are not.  While posed family photography or portraits does not mean being something you are not, (because honestly, we all NEED portraits to remember what people looked like looking forward right?), but for me, I think "posing" is something I learned, I am not.  

My eye (or brain) does not see those things.  It doesn't pick out hand placements, clothing wrinkled and wispy hair bits.  I am always looking for the emotion, the love, the arguments, and the connection.  

So when I have a family like the one you are about to see ask me to document their Sunday pancake morning, I am in photographer heaven.  


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