One Big Party | Josephine Butler Parks Center | Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Just one week ago on Friday the 13th, at 6:45pm, Tara + Neil walked into the most glamorous days of their lives, their wedding day.    

Many times, I had to remind myself that I was "working" - because this wedding was full of glamour, fabulous fun and to quote many --  "like a big party".  Tara + Neil sure know how to kick off a marriage.  

Don't let their glamour fool you - they might look like they are fresh off a magazine cover, but they are full of down-to-earth, sweet honesty good vibes that filled me up with tears when they exchanged their wedding vows.  They are just that much in love it can fill an entire room.  

To the both of them, this is a little sneak peak of your gorgeous day - I am honored to have been a part of this one big party, that will certainly carry through the big and little moments of your marriage.  Hugs and kisses.  

"In your eyes, love it glows, so I'm bare boned and crazy, for you" - Dave Matthews


And all the fabulous vendors that made this wedding day party come true:

Venue:  Josephine Butler Parks Center

Photographer:  Kelly Walsh Loss Photography

2nd Photographer:  Rebecca Sawyer

Wedding Coordinator & Florist:  Liza Bourkard, Studio DBI

DJ: Brian Sadiarin, Posh Life Entertainment

Vintage Decor: Rosanna Smith, Bella Villa

Catering: Lois Spencer