4x10 = 40 and other things I think while practicing multiplication

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We are reviewing multiplication facts with my oldest - helping him to remember all the things he forgot over the lazy days of summer.   As he makes his way into  4th grade, I'm finding some unchartered territory as well - today is the first day of my 40s.  Its as simple as multiplying 4x10 vs 3.x10, but results look very different.  

At the start of my 30s I was getting ready to go to a Dave Matthews concert in Chicago - today I'm sitting in a chill little coffee shop feeling more at peace then I did when I turned 30. 

I could go on and on and about how my 30's taught me so much and how my 40's are going to be even better.  I've thought people say that so they can come to peace with becoming older.  While that might be somewhat true :) there is one thing about getting older that youth never allowed me to see. 

As each year (decade) moves on, Ihave more heart warming and  heart breaking moments to add to my soul.  Those moments tell me that no matter what age I am, they equal life's explorations, moments of sheer and utter joy followed with unbelievable furry - that make me happy to be alive.  25, 40 or 95 - I'm going to swallow up each age and stage with the fervor it deserves.

For my 40th year or fifth decade, I have one big goal.....

Live my life the way I want to, rather then how others think it should be.  

 What does that mean? 

-More authentic connections (less filling up time just to be busy)

-Only do work that inspires me

-Seek wanderlust with me and my family

-Make our home a haven

-Be healthy.  Breathe in joy, exhale out love.  

The only way I've learned to work towards goals is to have a daily routine or list to propel me forward (otherwise it just sits in my brain as a laundry list of things I'll get to "when I have time."  I'm still waiting for that time.... wonder when she will finally show up?)

I love sharing these topics in case you might find some inspiration in them -  and lets be honest, it also helps keep me accountable.  :)

4 Lists to Celebrate 4 Decades:

1. 4 New habits in 10 days

Stop looking at my phone when driving (embarrassed to admit this); Drink 40oz of water a day; Floss Daily and write 4 Blogposts (ooo, one is already done!)

2. Schedule 4 solo getaways for myself in the next year (1 per Quarter) and also schedule a 4 day trip for me and my husband to go to Key West.

3. Perform 40 random acts of kindness for family & friends

4. Complete a 40 day photography project

I'd love to hear your story on ways in which you mark a new year or decade.  Share with me on Instagram, Facebook or right below!  And now I'm off to finish up my 40th birthday with a ice cold brew that's been waiting for me.  :) 

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