It's 2017!

 Thank you  Rebecca Sawyer  for this photo that is just SO us.  

Thank you Rebecca Sawyer for this photo that is just SO us.  

I love the beginning of a new year - as if you've just been given a brand new oyster and you can do just about anything in the world you want to do!  

I have been thinking lots about this space and what I plan to do with my blog in 2017 - in case you follow along, you've seen I haven't written much in 2016.   After recently finishing up my year end , I realized I photographed over 80 different sessions in 2016!  With having a full time job, two kids, a husband and a mini-farm, blogging has had to the side while I figured out a routine.  

These past two weeks of quietness (well, as quiet as you can be with kids home from school and a day job that still needs to keep going) - has given me insight on life, love and photography.  :)  I'm excited to share new things with you this year, but here a few starters:  

1)  I'm leaving Facebook!  My business will still be there, but I need to step away from it on a personal level.  I will miss being able to check in and see how friends and family are doing, but allowing those check-ins, stop the more personal connection that I want to have.  Remember when we actually used to call people?  Gasp!  

2)  I will still be on Instagram.  But now I'll be adding a business Instagram as well.  It will only be photos that I take for others and all personal posts will still be where you currently find them.  

3)  Routines are what fuel us right?  I am going to take the advice I give to my kids and start a few routines for myself.  That might include some blogging.  Or at least posting some more sessions!  

Finally, I want to share a few things with you.  I started this photography business and have learned a few things along the way.   They are actually great things to consider about in life that have nothing to do with photography.  

1) Authenticity wins.  Photography is an art that is readily accessible to many people.  Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the noise and comparison that makes us think we have to act a certain way.  Look a certain way.  Take photos a certain way.  I'm learning that the best thing you can do, is stay true to who you are - and I can't wait to hone those skills for all my families and couples this year!  

2) Be a better you.  Learning never stops and continuing to learn is the best thing you can do for your business, life, family, friends.  I've lived a lot of my life "waiting" to get to that perfect spot where everything is complete and striving for the learning to be complete.  But what does that completeness look like?  Pretty darn boring if you ask me.  And the bonus of continuing to be a better person every day?  Each day is like a brand new New Year's Day!  

3) Don't settle.  Sometimes we might get talked into saying yes to something that really isn't for us - because it fills our time, gives us money or a false sense of completion.  Continue to be picky and choose things that are your passion instead of settling for something less.  

There you have it, my wisdom for 2017!  And if you liked reading this, I'd love if you share with some friends, or better yet - sign up for my newsletter for more reads like this!  




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