Lovely photographers who captured the above images:  jamie rose//bridget EldriDge//rebecca sawyer//darcy troutman


What makes me tick?

I love the nitty gritty.  I love getting into deep conversations with just a few people.  I want to know what makes people laugh, cry and what they crave in life.

I’m a boy mom (times two), wife to a super cute veterinarian and could talk to you for hours about  my chickens. I love beverages, I eat mostly vegetarian and love the beach, but don't swim in the water (fish scare me!) 

I’m also imperfect.  I have bad days, I get cranky with the loves of my life and sometimes I take on more than I can chew.  

Photography, slows it all down, bringing me back to the present, and reminds me how fortunate I am to document big and small moments in this one wild and crazy precious life.  



What is my photography style?

I love photojournalism.  I fell in love with it at any early age when LIFE magazine was my candy as a 10 year-old.  

Moments are the world to me, and I will spend most of my time finding the best way to capture them when photographing people.  I believe deep in my heart, that the photos that tell your story, will be the ones you’d run into a burning building to save.

People do ask, do you do portraits?  Yes, I will capture those group photos of everyone - they are your history too. But I believe you don’t need to spend a whole day (or cocktail hour) running in a field with your love when often all we need is one awesome portrait. Lets spend that time celebrating!

I will be right there with you, to feel all the feels of your life, your family and even gift you that one great portrait.