Hello there! I'm Kelly.  

I’m so happy to meet you and glad that you are joining me here in one of my favorite places!   I could tell you a million things about what I love – most of which involve delicious beverages, breezy big southern porches, puffy white clouds and the sound and smells of summer at the beach. 

 Photo Credit: Ali Caudill

Photo Credit: Ali Caudill

But what really makes me tick?  Being a boy mama (x2), falling in love with my husband everyday and seeing the world through my camera lens. 

Most of all, I love chatting and connecting with people, learning what makes them special in this crazy world.  Reading, crocheting and doing yoga keep me grounded, even though I’m a dreamer at heart. 

If I could dream a perfect day, I would be surrounded by those I love, sitting at a rustic table in a charming, twinkle-light filled beach house by the sea, noshing on the yummiest vegetarian food and sipping some red wine, jamming to Jack Johnson music as we discuss what makes the world go round.